1982 – *Charlie Baldwin

photo-baldwinSquare Dance Caller & Teacher

There is only one person in New England that is looked upon by all as “Mr. Square Dance” – Charlie Baldwin of Norwell, Massachusetts.


Charlie has devoted over forty years of service to our activity as a caller, teacher and leader.  He has served as editor of the New England Caller for over thirty years and has influenced the direction and growth of square dancing in New England more than any other individual.


Charlie was instrumental in forming the first callers’ association in New England, the Old Colony Callers and Teachers Association, and served as its first president.  He has helped to start and organize such organizations as the Eastern District Square and Round Dance Association (EDSARDA), the New England Council of Callers Association (NECCA), the Square Dance Foundation of New England and served as Chairman of the CO-OP Committee for seven years.  He, along with Bob Osgood and Stan Burdick founded Legacy, a national organization that includes representation from all facets of square dancing.


His many accomplishments as a caller, leader, writer and speaker are too numerous to list in this citation.  His willingness to listen, discuss and advise has been one of the greatest gifts available to all individuals, clubs and organizations throughout the square dance world.


Charlie has been recognized nationally by receiving the three highest honors conferred in the square dance world; the Silver Spur Award, the CALLERLAB Milestone Award and by being inducted into the Square Dance Hall of Fame.


The square dancers of New England are proud you are one of us and as a token of our love and our thanks, present to you – The Yankee Clipper Award.


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