1997 – Art & Marge Dugas

photo-dugasSquare Dance Leaders

From the very beginning of their introduction to square dancing, the involvement of Art and Marge Dugas has been one of dedication and commitment. They have willingly shared their knowledge and experience in organizational skills. As leaders they have been outstanding in making things happen with great vision and foresight. Their enthusiasm has been contagious.

Art and Marge entered the square dance activity in 1962 as round dancers in Berwick, Maine. Two years later they attended a square dance class in Madbury, N.H.

After moving to Manchester, N.H. in 1967 they joined the Allemande 8’s Square Dance Club and became involved as leaders, serving as members of the Board of Directors, as Club Treasurers and as President for two terms. During this time they continued to round dance as members of the Spin-a-Rounds, the Continental Dancers and the Floyd Dancers.

Art and Marge have four children and ten grandchildren.

Marge, a legal secretary, has been deeply involved with their church, having taught Sunday school for over forty five years and serving as Sunday School Superintendent for forty years.

Art and Marge were General Chairman of the 1979 and 1980 New England Square & Round Dance Conventions held in Manchester, N.H. and served as Registration Chairman for the 1992 and 1993 Conventions.      .

The dedication of this couple to Square Dancing and the preservation of our folk activity is truly inspiring. They have served as Vice Presidents of the Square Dance Foundation of New England for seven terms and as President for two terms. They have been members of the Board of Trustees and Art served as Chairman and Marge as Secretary for three years.

Art, though retired, has continued to use his experience as a Supervisor in the Shoe Industry and Residential Construction to the benefit of our activity. With the help of a number of volunteers donating their time and expertise, over a period of four years, the Charlie and Bertha Baldwin Library/Museum became a reality.

Art and Marge were inducted into the Square Dance Foundations Hall of Fame it 1996. They currently are members of the Guidelines Committee which serves as at advisor to the New England Square & Round Dance Convention Committee.

The New England Square & Round Dance Cooperation Committee, acting on behalf of the Square Dancers of New England, is proud to present the Yankee Clipper Award to Art and Marge Dugas.

GIVEN AT BANGOR, MAINE                                                                      APRIL 26, 1997

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